• Claudio Cattaneo (Institut d'Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona)
  • Joan Marull (Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona)
  • Enric Tello (Universitat de Barcelona)

Year: 2018

The paper analyses how between 1956 and 2009 the agrarian metabolism of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (BMR) has become less functional, losing circularity in biomass flows and in relationship to its landscape.

Cattaneo, C., Marull, J., & Tello, E. (2018). Landscape Agroecology. The Dysfunctionalities of Industrial Agriculture and the Loss of the Circular Bioeconomy in the Barcelona Region, 1956–2009. Sustainability, 10(12), 4722. doi: 10.3390/su10124722